Our partners


STP is a General Contractor operating worldwide for EP, EPC, EPCM and Integrated Engineering  Projects in plant implementation to Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Power and Utilities & Off-site facilities.


Design, manufacturing, construction, reconstruction and repair of cooling towers and devices for the purification of industrial water within cooling circuits. supply of technological components for cooling towers.


Espili group is a supplier of an extensive range of equipment & parts for onshore and offshore oil ang gas exploration, drilling, completion, production and more.


Consultant company for all engineering works in environmental , waste water ,pipelines, civil, industrial, electrical.


Industrial, municipal, hospital waste, incinerator compact


pipe ,Tube, fittings and flanges, oil and gas industrial


specialized in the water and waste water industries: desalination water/sewage and industrial effluent treatment plants.


Firefighting equipment (hydrant, monitor, extinguishers, foam equipment …), system Fire Detection, fire Suppression, fire support and Integrated Solutions, Water Mist System, Sprinkler System, Oil and gas residential complex.


Process Gas Waste Heat Recovery Systems, Pressure Vessels, Membrane Technology Systems , Heat Transfer Equipment, Sour Gas & Sulfur Technology, Compression Systems,Process Skid Packages & Modules, Fired & Heat Recovery Boilers, Industrial & Power Plant Services.