About Us:

We are company providing services that helps underpin growing economies and improve living standards around the Middle East .

Our organizational structure is built on a concept of global businesses and is designed to allow GSE to compete most effectively in the ever-changing and challenging worldwide energy
GSE international group works with clients around the world to deliver the right materials and services on time and at the best price, leading to overall project success.
As the industry evolves, we see opportunities for organizations to substantially reduce costs by centralizing various processes.We deliver from day-to-day materials and long-term assets to complex services, such as huge modular construction projects. Our team can assist by establishing and enhancing client operations with a track record of delivering high performance, low risk processes, and first-class customer service.

All activities of GSE are performed with respect to the below mentioned values:

  • Respecting and total compliance with the rights of clients.
  • Compliance with the health, safety and environmental standards during design, engineering, procurement and construction phases.
  • Performing design, engineering, procurement, and construction activities with the highest quality in shortest possible time with the most updated design and management procedures.
  • Accountability: we will work transparently and mutually accepted responsibilities, engage in hands-on management and decision-making, and accept appropriate rewards and consequences.
  • High Performance: we will consistently meet or exceed expectations and focus on continuous improvement.
  • Valuing People: we will treat individuals with respect and dignity – and we will communicate with clarity and honesty. We will also provide opportunities for employees to reach their full potentials.
  • Teamwork: we will work collaboratively toward common goals.